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don't lie
Tell me you lied about wanting me,
That might make me feel better if you leave me.
Tell me you cried so hard when you thought about losing me.
Confess that you couldn't catch your breath when you thought of life without me.
Tell me life seemed incomplete when you weren't next to me.
Tell me lies to make me happy.
Tell me the truth to break my still beating heart.
Watch me cry in agony as i watch you walk out of my life for good.
There is no such thing as a happy goodbye.
Leave me!
Don't do me the dishonor of lying to my face and staying when you would rather leave.
Only tell me truth if i am what you honestly want.
:iconjackierb2007:JackieRB2007 0 0
You tell me you don't want me to go,
But you tell me you need me to go.
You aren't ready for this,
You can't handle what i want.
I've fallen for you,
I think you have to;
You are just scared that life might not go how you planned if you let me in.
I might just crash and burn without you near me.
I crave to be near you,
You make me weak,
I get lost in you.
I was at the top.
The top of a mountain,
I met you and i fell down so fast.
I feel like now that I've found you i can't have a life without you.
You want me to go?
Tell me to leave.
Don't tell me you can't have me leave and force something you don't want.
Focus on you,
I will learn.
I will fight without you,
I will be strong.
I don't want to go.
But love will find a way.
I love you,
With my whole heart.
If you turn out to not be my forever, know that i loved you like it.
:iconjackierb2007:JackieRB2007 1 0
Until it's gone
Haven't you had enough?
Haven't you lost enough?
Haven't you hurt enough?
Loved enough?
In this moment we don't know what we have until it is gone.
standing in front of our final moments,
we have everything to live for or nothing at all.
What do you have left to live for?
So much?
Nothing at all?
Do you feel alone?
do you feel surrounded?
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Mature content
Beat :iconjackierb2007:JackieRB2007 0 0
I fall,
I stumble,
I want to yell to you for you to come find me,
I am somewhere I do not know and i feel like I can't manage on my own at all.
Please come find me,
be with me and stay by my side,
don't leave me once you find me I don't want to be without you for a single second.
Everything inside of is starting to close in and I don't know how to control myself,
my emotions are going crazy.
No matter what will happen and what has happened I can't live another moment without what you have to give.
No matter how scared that makes me deep down inside my soul.
:iconjackierb2007:JackieRB2007 1 0
You scare me,
You frighten me when you take hold of me and latch onto me with your force and weight.
I try to hold it all in but you scream at me to stop and shut up,
So I hold it in,
I don't breathe,
I hardly blink,
I fear I might explode.
You scream at me to shut up when my will starts to break and I'm about to break down and let my heart burst.
I will fight to keep it together as long as I can,
But the moment you calm and look into my eyes and we begin to speak calmly again I beg you if I can finally cry and let it out.
You huff and I can't help it,
it all pours out and I break.
You cring and you say 'baby please don't cry'
I can't contain myself anymore and apologize for crying and beg you not to be angry with me and please just let me,
it has come from the fear you caused inside my poor heart and mind.
You tell me I am strong but sometimes I need to break and let my emotions out and feel like a girl.
I can't be strong all the time.
:iconjackierb2007:JackieRB2007 1 0
Mature content
Find me :iconjackierb2007:JackieRB2007 0 1
The complex,
messed up,
fucking wretched thing we obsess over.
The one thing no one can let go or truly understand.
We throw it around like we comprehend what it is all about,
like we know just what we are doing...
the truth is all we are doing is lying to ourselves about the one thing in this universe that is the single most complicated thing to truly grasp.
You say it daily,
you claim to have had it and understood at such a raw age...
To claim to know so much is preposterous.
You know nothing of love.
None of us do.
It just happens to us,
it takes us over and consumes us with everything it has and is and we never saw it coming.
There was nothing we could do to prepare,
This day was bound to come at some point in all our lives.
So this is love?
:iconjackierb2007:JackieRB2007 0 0
What has happened?
What's wrong?
Where has the time gone?
Oh how it has eluded me,
I have been left unattended.
I am abandoned and scarred.
I have been fed nothing but lies in my fate,
and dumped at the wayside.
I have poured out my whole heart to you and you took it all in to raise yourself up,
all the while thinking you deserve all that I handed to you willingly not knowing what you are and what you would end up doing to me.
Never giving me any of the same affections I doted upon you.
You cast me out of what I thought was a haven with you,
but was nothing more then a clever rouse you had laid out before me.
You tricked me,
betrayed me,
and left me.
How am I supposed to ever trust anyone after the hell you have put me through?
I loved you,
more then I loved myself.
I gave you everything,
my all.
You were my best friend,
my love.
If I were bleeding out,
in my last breath I would pour my heart out again to you and you would simply smile and say 'I know'.
Oh how I have passionately come
:iconjackierb2007:JackieRB2007 1 2
War and Love
straight into the ground, over and over again.
You think I would of learned by now from the pain every time before.
My heart leaps before I am ready and when I know I should come up to the surface my heart drowns me.
I am losing myself in this pain.
What do I have left?
Am I nothing more then an argument to your thoughts?
I am running out of apologies for this war you keep fighting.
I don't want to fight back.
I never wanted to fight back.
I only wanted to fight for,
not against.
You are causing me stress and pain in my chest and I am defeated.
Is this what you wanted?
You won the fight.
The war is over.
I left long ago.
:iconjackierb2007:JackieRB2007 0 0
Waiting On Ever After
My mind keeps wandering into different caverns in my mind.
I do not know where it will end up.
I keep wondering when this will all be figured out but I know it is not that simple.
So I sit and wait in this quite place,
waiting for your answer of what simply happens next in this game.
I moved first, then it was you.
Now I feel like I have been waiting for an eternity, after all our back and forth moving.
I am just waiting for checkmate.
Either I lose or we both win,
the choice is simple in my mind,
will it be in yours?
Make a decision something that will change our fate.
I want to know the next chapter of this amazing fable.
I am just waiting to read the end that said, "and they lived happily ever after".
:iconjackierb2007:JackieRB2007 1 1
Hold Love
The love that pours out of my heart and mouth for you is never ending.
I want you and only you,
Our love will stand the test of time,
But only if you allow it to do so.
Will you stand strong for us?
Will you fight to keep us alive?
Will you love me until the end?
Can you handle me until then?
Will you hold onto me and never let me go?
I will love you until I have nothing left.
How long will you love me?
I hope forever.
I hope to be together for our eternity.
Love me,
Trust me,
Hold me,
Watch over me,
Please don't ever let me go.
Forever seems like heaven with you,
:iconjackierb2007:JackieRB2007 0 0
going out by JackieRB2007 going out :iconjackierb2007:JackieRB2007 0 0
getting to it
What is left but to give up on this?
I feel as though I am nothing and nothing owns me.
I will escape this vat of nothingness...
I will find something far from here and live.
Tonight I will dance all my sorrows away and live long after the music fades absently into the dark abyss that surrounds me.
:iconjackierb2007:JackieRB2007 0 0
this is me by JackieRB2007 this is me :iconjackierb2007:JackieRB2007 0 7
The heart inside this chest breaks,
It wants to know how to be whole.
It longs for your love,
It dies without that passion.
It longs for you and what you have to give,
No matter what happens,
I want that.
I want you.
All of you,
I long for that.
I give you all of me,
My whole heart.
I am broken;
Return to me,
Want me again.
I need that,
Forever I hope to have that again from you.
Don't make me tell you goodbye forever I could not and will not do that.
I will fight against the odds to have you back in my arms even if only for a short while.
My wonderful nightmare that is my everything,
Return to me...
I shall wait as long as it takes for you to know all that we could be.
:iconjackierb2007:JackieRB2007 0 0


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life is much more complicated at this hour then normal. I should sleep but I fear I have forgotten how to.


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